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Award-winning Innovation

With a talented and ambitious R&D team, a focused management team, and a global network of suppliers and partners, Astera is able to divide its competences between wireless event lighting and project-based architectural lighting. We have produced innovative and useful wireless event lights as well as award-winning customized lighting for renowned global lighting designers.

Our approach to LED lighting has always been to develop adaptable and innovative fixtures for use in a myriad of aesthetically pleasing ways. Our design philosophy is to create the next stage in the evolution of our industry, to push the boundaries of technologies and usability, and to manufacture products where quality is an expectation and the advancement in design astonishes all.

German Standard Engineering

Our flexibility in production and service provide an industry-leading mix of LED lighting design and engineering knowledge. The benefit of using Astera is having trust in the value of the product. Creating efficient lighting solutions, with compact designs and powerful features is the sole importance for us, and therefore customers can rely on our experience. We are constantly improving our range with intuitive, clever software, and a shift towards high-end LEDs and batteries.

The fact that we have such experience means that Astera can adapt the technology to meet new requirements, and we can do so with ease, means that Astera have produced hundreds of light products. We have our own manufacturing facility full of experienced engineers that work with longstanding suppliers to create a flexible and professional organizational culture to meet our customers’ needs. Astera maintains the highest German quality control standards and manufacturing precision built up over years of improvements.


Wireless Operation

All of our LED fixtures have a wireless receiver and battery included inside their housing. This enables an easy and cordless setup and is especially attractive for event decoration, stage lighting and other temporary ambient lighting installations. Our wireless lights are battery powered, which means shorter setup times, less manpower needed, and will save on costs. The lights are currently powered by Lithium-Manganese-Nickel-Cobalt batteries, which is far superior to the average Lithium-Ion batteries that are so readily available from other companies. We are presently even further improving our battery quality for our X-Series, for which we will use mixed-cell Samsung batteries. Every wireless fixture has enough battery to run red, green and blue LEDs combined for 8 hours (24 hours for only red) on full charge.

Our radio-frequency AsteraTouch™ wireless controller is designed for effective event illumination. It is possible to build groups, sets and flows within minutes, mix any color you can imagine and store complex color-changing effects as quick buttons for regular usage. Three types of remote controllers are available, from low-cost versions to touchscreen tablets. We circle around the 868MHz band (~915MHz in the US), which improves ability of the radio-frequency control system and finds the optimal band for the situation. This means our lights can be controlled over a distance of 300 meters

TruColor™ Calibration

Astera’s X-Series will offer automatic true color calibration, meaning that the difference in light colors across all batches is not noticeable to the human eye. We can match a Lee filter more accurately than any other light in this price range. In numbers, Astera’s X-series can display warm white light with an accuracy of within 100 kelvin.

Astera only uses ultra-bright and highly efficient light sources from reliable brands such as Cree and Philips. These LEDs maximize battery runtime and minimizes heat emission. In addition to our RGBW modules, the X-Series will also include amber LEDs, which improves the efficiency of color mixing and the vibrancy of pastel colors due to broadening the lighting spectrum. Adding the amber light allows more accurate color reflection on yellow/brown/orange surfaces. With a standard yellow light shone onto an orange surface, the surface would be darkened, but with our new system, the surface will reflect more accurately the color being shone.


Compact, Lightweight, Revolutionary Design


The X-Series boasts the most condensed batteries on the market allowing our lights to hold more energy for the same size. The lights will also have heat-inductive plastic, making them lighter than the previous range (that contained heavier aluminum). These two improvements are edging Astera closer to the perfection that we strive to achieve.

The X-Series will also offer a mesh network, which basically means that the lights will synchronize and communicate with each other. This in turn boosts range up to 1000m. Furthermore, the AsteraTouch™ controller will be able to automatically detect the battery status of all lights within a 1000m range. Other detection statuses are being implemented and tested like a theft or movement detection. These have been an on-going problem for event organizers, and now Astera has the answer.

Versatility, Consistency and usability


Astera offers a more stable and reliable wireless DMX ability, which means that you can control our entire range through wireless DMX transmitters and the data being sent will not be interrupted. Additionally, most of our larger wireless fixtures have XLR sockets for DMX cords.

Also, all of our wireless event fixtures are suitable outdoors due to their cordless design. While some lights are only splash-proof and should be taken inside during a rain shower, others are fully waterproof for permanent outdoor use (see AL7-WXXL).

Inside the box you will find a charger and a diffuser lens which is everything you will need to get your lighting started. Astera wireless technology does not require a router, gateway or a computer to operate them. Additionally, we have a large number of centerpieces and decorative objects available to be used with the Astera range of wireless lights. A small number of fixtures combined with several different objects provide a cost-effective way to decorate and maintain variety at events.





A Decade in the making

In 2003, Norbert Ernst, an electrical engineering scholar from Germany, was commissioned to design and manufacture a rechargeable LED light display for brand advertisements Xellent Swiss Vodka and Smirnoff Ice. In 2004, Ernst produces the first LED wireless light completely controllable by a radio-frequency remote control. It was designed for use with cocktail tables, and it featured only white LEDs and contained a NiMH (Nickel-metal hybrid) battery. The first on/off controller via a single channel (443MHz) was also made. Astera was formed in 2007. Since then, Astera has revolutionized the event lighting market by launching the first wireless, battery-powered, RF-controlled light, and also the brightest and most compact spotlight, the only wireless pixel tube on the market, and the AsteraTouch™; the only tablet controller to be specifically designed for event lighting.

Today, Astera is a worldwide innovator with a comprehensive range of wireless event products and a professional and adaptable architectural division.


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